With all it’s years of experience, GEDCO has affirmed it’s position in various industries as a company with only the highest standards and integrity.


Our company prides itself on creating strong relationships with our global community of suppliers and buyers — secured over a many year history of proven performance, global pricing knowledge and a diverse product offering. With our integrated global sales and logistics team using real-time information, world-class tracking and access to multimodal transportation capabilities to transport products to the entire Middle East and North Africa.

We have long-term customer relationships with buyers worldwide who have always valued our consistent product quality and excellent customer service. Experienced in moving tonnes of product from one end of the globe to the other by containers and bulk vessel, we take pride in our standards of excellence and promptness of dispatch. All this, combined with our extensive sourcing abilities, and important market share in key sales areas, allow us to find and deliver products to our clients in an efficient manner and as cost effective as possible. We will also provide our international customers with market data and information to help and facilitate difficult decisions in thriving and continually evolving world markets for maximizing their profitability.